28 October 2016

Millwood Gallery . Artworks

Kimono - Night Tree First Light Lake Wanaka Gathered from the Garden
"Kimono - Night Tree"
Judith Trevelyan
"First Light Lake Wanaka"
Philip Markham
"Gathered from the Garden"
Nicki Manthel
Harbour Cottages, Crail Hydrangeas In All Their Glory Lake Wakatipu
"Harbour Cottages, Crail"
Ted Sherwen
"Hydrangeas In All Their Glory"
Judith Royal
"Lake Wakatipu"
Philip Markham
At Heart It's Not Windy Cityscape II Iceberg Rose
"At Heart It's Not Windy"
Judith Royal
"Cityscape II"
Janice Kingston
"Iceberg Rose"
Pauline O'Sullivan
Nocture St Cecilia Roses Sue
Lloyd Harwood
"St Cecilia Roses"
Roseanna Wohnsielder
The Desert Road Three Pears Upper Tongariro
"The Desert Road"
Robin Kay
"Three Pears"
Janice Kingston
"Upper Tongariro"
Ted Sherwen
Whirl Wind Corner Paris Rooftops I Townscape
"Whirl Wind Corner"
Judith Royal
"Paris Rooftops I"
Nic Dempster
Nic Dempster
Gold Vase II Public Trust After a Shower
"Gold Vase II"
Susie Stone
"Public Trust"
Philip Beadle
"After a Shower"
Philip Beadle